Equipment Leasing Services

Many equipment finance companies offer standard lease options as long as you fit their parameters. Westport Funding is different. We are made up of a group of seasoned professionals with a long history in leasing and financing equipment. That coupled with providing our own equity and many types of debt sources translates into equipment leasing services with real flexibility and a low cost solution to match your business needs.

Types of Leases Offered

Our equipment finance services offer you all lease types available under the current accounting and tax laws, each then customized to your business needs. The fundamental difference in the lease types is the ownership of the equipment at the end of the lease. Ownership at lease end determines the accounting treatment of the lease which produces the basic lease types.

Lease Application

Operating Lease

An Operating Lease is a lease agreement whereby the leasing company owns the equipment at the end of the term and you have the option to purchase or renew the equipment at the Fair Market Value. With this structure the accounting rules provide "Off Balance Sheet Book treatment" which is generally an advantage to you.

Capital Lease / Finance Lease

A Capital Lease or Finance Lease is a lease agreement whereby you own the equipment for a fixed option or $1.00 buyout. The lease obligation is capitalized on your books.

Structured Finance

Structured Finance is a hybrid of the Operating Lease and Capital / Finance Lease and provides you with off balance sheet treatment with fixed options at the end of the lease term.

Business Colleagues

The Westport Funding Advantage

Flexible Lease Terms

With an investment bank approach, Westport Funding structures a lease to fit your financial constraints and objectives. We offer special equipment finance terms including:

Low Rates

Our borrowing capability coupled with our ability to remarket equipment through our brokerage desk allows us to take high residual values on the equipment which translates to the lowest rates available in the industry.

Project Financing

Lease an entire project including equipment, hardware, software and installation.

Enterprise Lease Line Program

We have the most comprehensive offering in the leasing industry geared to the needs of the high volume customer. These transactions have the following characteristics: high volume of small dollar amount deals, many integrated components, configurations subject to change, "instant delivery" required. We have an excellent track record of processing these transactions for major companies.

Used Equipment Brokerage

We are constantly in the used equipment markets looking to buy and sell older machines. Our affiliations with retail outfits, maintenance companies and used equipment dealers enable us to pay top dollar to the customer who wants to get rid of obsolete technology. In addition, we will take used equipment in trade toward the lease of new equipment.

"Like for Like" Return

Our lease allows you to return equipment to us which has the same or similar serial numbers to the machines on the original lease. This gives tremendous flexibility and is particularly important in the PC leasing marketplace.

Broad Credit Spectrum

Westport Funding works with a range of credits from middle market credits to investment grade, rated credits.