Renewable Energy Financing

Westport Funding can help you secure new energy and renewable energy financing for a variety of clean energy and green energy projects. We are able to leverage our many investment sources to find the best fit for your credit, project type and long term goals. Benjamin Plewak of Westport Funding's Green Projects Division will give you the personal attention your renewable energy project needs to create a custom financing solution. Save yourself time and contact us first about your energy financing or leasing needs.

Solar Panel and Wind Turbine

Solar Energy and Wind Energy Financing

We help our customers to secure solar energy and wind energy financing by working with solar panel and wind turbine installation companies. With tax incentives and grant subsidies available to owners of privately held wind farm and solar facilities, there is no time like the present to move forward on your alternative energy plans. Many utility companies are offering state supported Power Purchasing Agreements (PPA's) which can help eliminate the costs of installing solar and wind equipment. Through our varied financing sources we can find a lease plan that works for you.

Renewable Energy Equipment Financed

  • Wind Turbines
  • Solar Panels
  • Biofuel and Biodiesel Equipment
  • Wood Furnaces
  • Recycling Equipment

Customized New Energy Financing

  • Energy Saving Contracts Financing
  • Third Party Ownership Solutions
  • PPA Sourced Financing

Financing New Energy Projects

We can help you secure construction leasing and operational leasing for financing new energy projects such as organically fueled large scale heating systems. Many communities, businesses, colleges and universities are switching from oil, gas and coal based furnaces to new energies such as wood chip and manure fueled furnaces. These facilities are able to provide reliable and efficient heating while reducing their carbon footprint and saving money on fuel costs. Contact us to discuss alternative or new energy financing.

Benefits of Leasing Equipment