Vendor Programs

At Westport Funding we know that vendors who offer financing at the point of sale have a competitive edge which significantly increases the close rate for equipment and services. Our leasing alternatives can be integral in helping you sell your technology equipment by giving your customers value and convenience. Your bottom line increases with increased sales.

Westport Funding's vendor programs help your customers with large cash expenditures by offering them options other than just cash-on-delivery or 30-day terms. This can be a major benefit for high-priced equipment since it might not be financially possible for some customers to meet immediate payment terms. By extending the financing option through Westport Funding, you can offer choices that allow your customers to better maintain their cash flow.

Westport Funding customizes its vendor financing and programs to the needs of its vendor partners.

Advantages of Partnering with Westport Funding

Vendor Partner Handshake

Vendor Leasing Benefits

There are many vendor benefits to providing equipment leasing and financing options to your customers.

  • Improve sales volume by closing more sales and closing them faster.
  • Offer complete technological and financial solutions to customers.
  • Overcome objections and avoid delays in decisions with custom financing.
  • Increase repeat business from lease lines.
  • Provide custom and competitive offerings to secure business.
  • Maintain account control while we are an additional financial offering for your solution.

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